1. Style Icon

scarlett leithold scarlett leithold blonde beauty
Scarlett Leithold

2. Fav Movies

audrey 80s dinosaur scarface gatsby blood
Breakfast at Tiffanys • The Breakfast Club • Jurassic Park • Scarface • The Great Gatsby • Pulp Fiction

3. Fav Books

book fangs brad pitt disney
The Goldfinch • Huntress by LJ Smith • Fight Club • Peter Pan

4. Favourite Music

indie actress Superthumb music
Lana Del Rey • Aly & AJ • Oasis • Bryan Adams

5. Favourite Food

breakfast food
Eggs Benny!

6. Dream Holiday

city paris

7. A Few Things I Love

aesthetic Mature image to view this image go to your settings and enable mature content adidas city
Art, summer, travel, coffee ♡

Just a few things about me ♥