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Dear You,

I am on the preparation course right now and I learnt a few things. The most important will be that I am not alone with my feelings and that many of those other teenagers feel torn between the feelings as well and don’t know what they should think and how to react right now.
Anticipation. Fearfulness. Concern…

All of these feelings wash over us like waves, sometimes too fast to get hold of them. They take turns in a rollercoaster of emotions. And you know what? That is okay! It is not a small step you are going to take and both your body and mind need time to cope with that. So give yourself this time!

Of course I know that not always things will turn out the way you wish them to do or how you have imagined them. You have probably stumbled over the one or another disappointment but: Take it easy! Probably easier said than done but sometimes you just have to let things go. You cannot change everything and you don’t have to. I know it is very cliché but things happen for a reason so have fun, flow with the wind and enjoy this as long as it lasts.

Be proud of yourself! Be proud of the fact that you stepped out of your comfort zone and jumped right into this adventure!
I hope that you are currently finding out new things about you, defining yourself new. For that to happen you also have to make a step towards new people/strangers. Just do it and dare yourself. It is going to be over sooner than you thing and then it is going to be gone forever. Use every day!

Good luck,
you at the start of the adventure

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This is a slightly changed version of the letter I wrote to myself on my preparation course before my exchange year. The organisation sent them to us a few months ago and believe me it was so nice to read my own words.
I hope they could give you some courage, hope and support as well.
Lots of love,

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