Your face is always so pale that the only dark thing on your face are your blue eyes and the black hair on your head.

You and me, we are different worlds, I know, but it wouldn't kill you if we just tried to be the same.

I know you're stuck between your wishes and obligations. But I am a possibility.

Maybe you're not even interested in me and you're fooling me around. Well, I fell for it.

But we're in this together. So if I'm falling, you're falling too. And you're going to fall even deeper.

In my dreams you were always a bad guy. I didn't cared much about it. Now I think it's a sign.

You told your friends about me. I mean something to you, I know.

I can't even listen to any damn song anymore without trying to relate it somehow to you.

During the day I pretend I'm done with you, but when the night comes I drift to sleep with the thoughts of you.

I still remember the day we met at the market store. You got all confused that you couldn't pay for your groceries. That's when I knew you were all crazy about me.