Soo...first hello to everybody. This is my fist article and i think i just wrote about what´s going through my head right now.

Well,first what I want to say is, that my english not so well. I learned it in school,so...yes, I will not apologize for that, because I´m learning it :).

When you ak what I think abaut the articles then i would say it´s a good way to explain what you think or feel. My opinion is that it is better then other "social medias". Nobody will judge you here or bullying you. It´s a good way to let your mind free run. You can talk, explain or tell your storys all about you want. When someone of you want to talk about something then you can write it here and other people can read it. The communty here is just perfectly

That´s why I thank you "we heart it" and also the community
and so I say by until the next article.