Hellooo guys!

I didn´t really plan on doing this article. I literally decided to do it 10 seconds ago.

I was watching youtube and realized how many new YouTubers I´ve come across that I love! So, you know, I thought why not?
(Because I´m from Sweden there will be one Swedish Youtuber, but that´s it)

Marla Catherine

girl image blonde, country, and soft image

Her channel:

She´s my age and I looove her style!

Sydney Serena

(I couldn´t find any pictures of her on WHI...)

Her channel:

She posts a lot of fun stuff!

HeyItsThalia (Thalia Bree)

thalia bree and thaliabree image thalia bree, thalia, and hair image

Her channel:

I absolutely loooove her try on hauls! The clothes she wears are the cutest clothes I´ve ever seen!!

Therese Lindgren (Swedish)

blonde, blue eyes, and bun image alien, curl, and funny image
I just had to post that picture xD

Her channel:

I´ve been watching her youtube for a few years and I love her! She´s so sweet and funny and I just want to be her best friend! If you´re not Swedish, I think you can watch her videos with English subtitles.

And that´s it!

I know this article was really short and maybe boring, but I´m really tired today.

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