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-Just Jessie_

Here I am again! With this article what I really love to do and I hope anyone of you will be do this on their own. Then when you do it, tag me in your article and we can be friends...okay kidding, but if you leave jme a message or something else we can. So, here we go with the seconf part of this article. I hope you will like it!

-Mia Foster- Ghostly

sing, music, and quote image pink, aesthetic, and tumblr image anime and manga image fashion, clothes, and black image always, us, and cody image gif, tyler young, and philip shea image

-Demetria (Demi) Blackley- Rokonlelkek/Kindred Spirits

froy, froy gutierrez, and boy image twenty one pilots, quotes, and grunge image outfit, fashion, and converse image little mix, pink, and friendship image girl, hair, and light image friends, grunge, and boy image

-Emma Taylor- The girl who travel the world

flag image red, vintage, and theme image shirt, clothes, and hipster image friends, light, and friendship image girl, light, and photography image sky, travel, and airplane image

-Park Su- Matching Pieces

love fight image girly outfit image manga, anime, and couple image gif, bts, and jungkook image gif, jin, and k-pop image gif, bts, and jimin image

-Nora- Merry Christmas LA!

winter, snow, and christmas image Image removed kiss, love, and couple image outfit, flowers, and black image la, city, and los angeles image winter, snow, and light image

So here we are, in the end of the second aes article. But this is not the end, haha. I think I will write three other articles with my characters, so I hope you will wait for it. And I hope you liked this article with my girlies and if you liked it, just hit that heart button or the emojis. Thank you so much if you were here, so byeee! See you next time!