Hello Ladies
Today Today I want to speak to you about Instagram and more particularly about various themes on instagram.
This article is made to help you to find your theme according to whom you are, your tastes, passions, etc....
I am going to show you underneath some photos corresponding to several themes. And I am going to give you some small tricks to take an PERFECT instagram account!

Watch out!

An instagram theme must be made compared withyou, your tastes, to the things which you are used to making, your way of dressing you, etc. An instagram page must not be made compared with the others and compared with how you want that people perceive you, but he must be made according to you and to your real nature!

Beige theme

aesthetic, beige, and brown image fashion, aesthetic, and style image aesthetic, beige, and window image flowers, shadow, and aesthetic image
This theme and one of the most used / renowned on instagram many people use it, I find it very beautiful and very simple. This theme aimed at making especially selfies (especially those take in natural light), take photos of buildings and things which we see daily and to add a hot filter, and a filter of brown / beige color and to play on the luminosity as well as the shadows!

White theme

lipstick, makeup, and beauty image coffee, food, and tea image quotes, motivation, and text image fashion, outfit, and black image
This theme is also one of the most seen on Instagram. It is always necessary to put a touch of white in the photos that kept silent post. If you wish to take a photo of your outfit, favor the white funds. Use snapseed and VSCO to make your photos. Photos on white bottom allow to highlight the colors which you will put on your photos. Photos containing written quotations of black colors on white bottom are also welcome

Rose Gold Theme

flowers, white, and rose image fashion, pink, and dress image girl, aesthetic, and glasses image rose gold, pink, and rose image
Rose Gold is one of the last fashionable trends and we see it more and more on instagram. For it it is necessary to use filters proposing this tint of color, a little bit pinkish and to stress it by using a pink colored filter. Play on the light and on the shadow effects to arrive at a good result. Also bet on the granular filters.

Green/Plants Tumblr Theme

Image by amberly v. green, plants, and nature image cindy kimberly image filter, vsco, and effect image
This theme is going to be especially based on the natural side, crash. To have an instagram account on this theme, best is to post photos putting forward the nature but also the natural side of the human being while putting salts trust rather soft, soft, highlighting the nature (I say not that you cannot have these themes if you are made up far from there).

The Holiday Theme

Image removed boat, sea, and blue image fashion, girl, and winter image aesthetic, christmas, and indie image
Contrary to what we could think, this theme is not exclusively reserved for the people who travel. If you live in the nature or near a water source, as much in winter as in summer your photos can be sublime. If you are a member of people who travel a lot, take during your journeys a maximum of photos to be able to all the time post it on your account.

The Alternative theme

girl, fashion, and style image aesthetic, white, and shadow image girl, orange, and hair image eyes, makeup, and eyebrows image
This theme is simply my favorite theme! It is simply beautiful. It has a little bit vintage side, touches of red, old man, and I have the impression that it shows people and reality most of the time. I find myself among this theme a lot, just like I find myself among the theme. I think that this theme is well in certain state of mind, and not in everybody. The fact of putting a granular filter brings a lot. And fact of playing on appearances is as well.


There are naturally other themes of account on instagram. I only showed you what I saw most. Naturally, to make an instagram account remain original! Be inspired by accounts which you follow but do not copy. I hope that this article will have pleased you and we find ourselves next time!