Hey there!
I have been quite active with my articles these days. I had a lot of work but writing makes me relaxed so this is a little therapy for me.

Anyways, I was wondering, what kind of people have influence in my style or fashion sense, Then it popped into my head, there are plenty of hot and not so hot celebrities that I find inspiring.
So I might share a few of them with you for the purpose of inspiration.

Let's goooo!

Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner and outfit image kylie jenner, kylie, and jenner image kylie jenner, girl, and outfit image black hair, clothes, and dress image kylie jenner, jenner, and kylie image black hair, clothes, and fashion image
Can we just talk about how she looks good in everything?!

G dragon

Image removed g-dragon, gd, and kpop image g-dragon, gd, and kpop image fashion, kpop, and kwon jiyong image g-dragon, gd, and kendall jenner image g-dragon, gd, and jiyong image
This man can rock any style anytime. I mean, how many out there are that bold as this dude!?

Gigi Hadid

beauty, blonde, and classic image Image removed beauty, celebrity, and shoes image style, hadid, and fashion image
Model knows what to do.

Melanie Martinez

melanie martinez, melanie, and cry baby image beautiful, girl, and hair image melanie martinez, cry baby, and melanie image aesthetic, hair, and style image
Her dolly vibes just make me so inspired. I would never rock this style like she does. The confidence is high af.


2ne1, CL, and kpop image CL and kpop image 2ne1, CL, and fashion image CL, 2ne1, and kpop image CL, 2ne1, and kpop image CL image
She is my No1 inspiration. If you don'r know who she is, check her out! She is going to be big and so does her style!

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus and street style image grammys, red carpet, and style outfit image fashion, Jeremy Scott, and style image fashion, Jeremy Scott, and miley cyrus image
She is crazy.


rihanna, Queen, and anti image rihanna, fashion, and pink image rihanna, style, and fenty image fashion and rihanna image rihanna, fashion, and style image beauty, celebrities, and fashion image
That luxury queen!

Rap Monster

bts, namjoon, and kpop image style, bts, and rm image bts, rm, and namjoon image bts rm cute style image
Casual boy. You should check the whole band of BTS cause those boys know what's up in fashion world.

Share your thought with me!

- Elena