Time ago I made an article like this but with Alessia Cara, and now that I'm bored I think I will make a lot of things like this with singers, actors, whatevah.

Well, I remember...Tbh, I don't remember exactly when, but on my youtube recomendations I saw something called vevo dscvr. There you can discover new or upcoming singers (I love it cuz there I discovered Sigrid and now I love Sigrid). It was about months ago, but I noticed that I've heared her before with sHe's brOKen (another story of girl meets boy and get destroyed), and suddenly I start to hear more about her.

You may say that the only important thing is her music, I know, but her personalitie...I LOVE HER. She's way too cool, like if she's here from the future.

I love her, you should love her. She's too young, sometimes a littles bit random (ok, not a little) and looks like someone who knows for what is standing for.

If you want to watch the perfomance that I watch on vevo dscvr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY9cPbthIeA