I remember, when I was little, about how preoccupied I was to wear glasses. I think in my primary school class we were only two people with glasses. I remember that I wanted to hide them. The mean boys called me Betty the ugly but I just play along so it didn’t really hurt me, I was good at not taking the bad comments.

Now, it is weird if we don’t see at least four people with glasses in the same room. It even becomes a « mode » to have them.

As for me, I wear glasses since I was four years old. And I think, that until today I wore seven different glasses in my entire life.They have been a part of me for so long that sometimes I forget what my face looks like without them. When I wear contacts is like I am a totally new person ( like I become a crazier person). With the glasses is like a should be more mature. Have I been mature all my life? What are the criteria to qualify someone as a mature person?

If I have to name my true companion, who has been there for me during all my life (literally) it will be my glasses (all seven and the ones to come).