Do you know that feeling that your thoughts move so fast that you don’t realize what they were. I experience those too frequently. Sometimes I wished that I wrote them down even though they were there only for a mini-second. I always know that if I’d think on to those ideas they would become a part of my life goals. I wish I could write them down but my mind goes ten times faster than my fingers. Sometimes I think I didn’t even gave them the words but they were just ideas without words and they were while being there, searching for the words but couldn’t find them.

Is this too vague because it is an issue whereby it is just as hard to write this feeling down. I think people would describe it as feelings or ideas and the words couldn’t be found. It is so strange and I try to understand what is happening in my head but it somehow impossible. I experience kinda the same thing with sleeping. I suppose everyone knows that when you want to go to sleep the worst thing is to start thinking about sleep itself. ‘Oh no I only have five hours left to sleep’ or ‘what happens with my thoughts when I fall asleep?’ continued by when you almost fall asleep ‘oh am I sleeping yet… oh no now I am awake’. This combined defines my feeling with those ideas. Or I could explain it with something in your eye some kind of spot, it is at the same spot when you look at one point but when you look at the spot itself it is gone.

I simply wished there was a way to catch the ideas we have for such little time.