I´m gonna post some of my favourite books here, just for fun
I don´t have any favourite author or genre, I simply read what I find interesting.

I´m sure y´all have heard about the famous film from 1976 (I think??), but did you know about the book? I had found it in a list of compulsory reading for my finals and I immediatly added it to my list of books. The story is told by Chief, a native american man suffering from schizophrenia, who pretends to be deaf. He lives in an asylum managed by a strict and heartless nurse Ratched. One day, a new patient comes, called Randle McMurphy. That´s when everything starts to change. McMurphy likes to joke, play poker and do illegal stuff, which does not please miss Ratched at all. The whole book is some kind of a hippie manifest, since it shows how an individual tries to break through the system. What I like the most about the book is how authentically written it is. You could not tell if the author actually lived this story or if it only comes from his mind. I give it 8/10.

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