Hey Guys! I really like to wear Make-up. Especially for School i don't want to look like a zombie. But since it's just a Schoolday I don't wear much of it.
I'm going to show you my Make-up Routine! x

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Foundation :

I don't really use foundation for school because i don't like the feeling of it. If you're like me but you want something like foundation, just use a BB-Cream!

Concealer :

With my concealer i usually cover up pimples or highlight the part under my eyes, my chin, my nose and my forehead. I dab it in with my sponge (I really recommend the Sponge from Real Technics!)

Powder :

I use a Transparent Powder for Baking. Sometimes i bake but usually i just put it on the parts with the concealer with my brush.

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Eyeshadow :

I really love eyeshadow even though i have glasses and nobody can see it. But nothing can stop me i'm all the-- ok sorry.
I like brownish colors so i use my bronzer and blend it on my eye. Then i put some Highlights in the corner of my eye :) .

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For my Eyebrows i just use some browpowder and fill up my brows. I already like the shape of my eyebrows so I just put on little bit.


For them I like to use a normal lip balm, sometimes with color sometimes without.

That was my School Make-Up andI hope you liked it!
And yes. That was my first real entry hehe.

Also I am NOT english so sorry for mistakes:)

Much Love A ♥