Dear Hearters!

I'd like to share a bit of a different article for you today, hopefully with pictures if I have found out the right way how this works. :D

It's about everything that makes me happy. I am writing this also for those of you, who may not have good mood all the time, so you may find some things that can cheer you up via my article. I think I am generally a happy person, but sometimes the way to reach happiness from the smallest things can be difficult. In my opinion to be happy means to find the most banal stuff to look forward to every day. I absolutely do not think that happiness is about money or expensive things or to be perfect or the best in every single way of your life or that everybody has to like you. It's about the pleasure of the soul.

Here's the list of things that cheer me up all the time:


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There are plenty types of sport, I'm sure you will find something you will like and can do couple of times per week. Sport is good for mental and physical health as well. People who do regular workouts are happier, stronger, avoid stress better, have better sleep, look better. When I was being unhappy the whole day because of something, I remembered about my fitness routine and it cheered me up immediately.


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Helps in case of depression and sadness. I can't imagine my life without reading.
What should I add to this? Even my poem sums it all up.

3.DIY Things

Again, this can be anything that you love to do and when you do it with passion, it makes your soul happy as well.
For me it would be nail polish and nail art, make up, doing haircuts, etc..

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It's similar to reading. When I'm sad or depressed, I write a poem. I think the best art does not come from happiness. I actually love writing poetry and even if my poem seem maybe too depressive, I actually has never suffered or don't suffer on any mental illnesses. Does writing heal soul? I'd say hell yeah.

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You can read some of my poems under my Articles collection:

5. Coffee/Tea

No words needed I guess. I don't drink coffee or tea because of caffeine as some people are used to, I think if they need to kick out, they must kick in their mind firstly. This is the pure taste that I love.

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6.Tattoos/Piercings/Body Mods

They perfect way how you can express yourself and be original. Not accepted by everyone, but at least these people are being themselves and also a bit mind-opened. I personally think that people with tattoos or piercing are much more stronger than ones without them. I mean you expose yourself to the continuous pain to have what you want, isn't that cool enough? Also, I love rebellion and being different.

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If you want, check out my article about my tattoos and meaning.

7.Fashion/Your Own Style/Trying out new things

It's about leaving off your comfort zone as well. This color may be a bit weird, but you can try something new and you may really rock it. If you are a woman, you can buy some clothes in men's collection and combine them. You shouldn't be afraid in fashion.

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8.Being different visually and mentally.

I've always had my own mind, opinions and style. How many people has hated me since my childhood. But believe me, only people who don't have their own mindset or style has to be popular. Find your style, keep improving it, keep playing with it. Change what you can and what you can change and accept what you can't. Happiness won't wait long.

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My article dedicated to this topic:

9.Searching for inspiration on the internet

This is why I love We Heart It. I can look up for any topic what I want at the moment and it's a pleasure to my eyes. I get inspired via this searching a lot. I't great for relaxing as well. Fashion, tattoos, hairstyle, clothing, exercises, nails, articles etc...Oh yeah, happiness.


Songs, dancing, books, poetry, drawing, pictures, movies, paintings...sad art, happy art, sarcastic art, depressive art. Art is simply a life.

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Or any pets. Stress relieving . I love playing with purring cats especially. I think many people would agree, that pets are so much better than people. :D

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I think I didn't forget anything. If you came down here and read whole article, many thanks dears and thanks for all the hearts/reactions on my previous articles too.

Have a nice day and love ya all. :)