i love learning new languages, (i'm currently learning 2 as you are reading this)
i made a list of languages i already speak cuz why the hell not ya know idk why i wrote pls ignore that -__-

1) - english (well, duh)


2) bosnian (my parents are not from england. i love the language so much but i love speaking it even more, i highly recommend learning it. i am like 50% fluent in Bosnian because i can have a conversation but there are still so many words that i do not know the meaning of and it makes me sad :(


3) french (this teachincally counts as even tho i have a French GCSE, i have been learning for about 5-6 years and i am able to have a full conversation in French and it honestly makes me happy)

- i know this was kinda short but oh well, i am currently learning German and Turkish and i'm so excited to learn even more aghh :')

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