i have a lot of youtubers that i love and watch dearly, i hope you discover some dope new youtubers to watch :)

1) - sarah baska (she is so funny and she never fails to make me laugh, you should definitely subscribe to her. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT, I PROMISE YOU)

2) - bretman rock (he is also funny as hell and i love his personality, his videos with his sister are so entertaining to watch and he also never fails to make me laugh)

3) - tom harlock (need i say more?)

4) - enjajaja (if you are not watching her, then what the hell are you doing??? she is hella funny and she is so damn beautiful like ohmagahd)

5) - the dolan twins (obviously everyone watches them lmao just thought i should include them because why the hell not?)

6) - lookingforlewys (i LOVEEE his personality because i can relate to him so much, everytime he posts a video i click so damn fast to watch it lmao)

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