what does desperate mean to you? I mean for me it feels like something to crave for...... i don't know. It can be used in many situations like you know desperate for love? now for this you need to understand the true meaning of love, even though I have not ever been in love but I have marked a lot of crushes at many places as landmarks. lol . At least mine makes some sense but many people think that love is when you find a boyfriend, love is when you hear violins, love is when the storm takes place , love is when you find a handsome guy , love is when the flowers bloom and I'm like whaatt? like seriously? OH MY GOD . Please grow up. Now you guys have to hear this from me that what is love. love takes place when the things go in your way like in a good way and the person who you feel that you are in love with should feel the same way. Else I seriously don't have any idea cause i have never been in love as i said earlier. So this article is just about making you understand that what real love feels like and when you do , you gotta tell about it to me cause i wanna write more.