_1. First Monsta X song?

monsta x, kpop, and i.m image

_2. Least Favourite Monsta X Song?
_I love all of them

_3. Cutest Member?

Superthumb Superthumb

_4. Favourite Picture of Shownu?

shownu image

_5. Favourite Monsta X Song(s)?
_Perfect Girl & Broken Heart

boyfriend, gifs, and hyungwon image

_6. Favourite Monsta X Moment?
_When they finally got their first win (14/11/2017)

gif, i.m, and wonho image

_7. Favourite Picture of Wonho?

wonho, monsta x, and korean image

_8. First Monsta X Bias?

wonho, monsta x, and kpop image

_9. Current Bias?

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_10. OTP You Ship?
_Wonkyun (Wonho & I.M)

wonho, monsta x, and 몬스타엑스 image

_11. Funniest Member?
_Jooheon & Shownu

Superthumb derp face

_12. Favourite Picture of Minhyuk?

monsta x, minhyuk, and lee minhyuk image

_13. Monsta X Song that makes you happy?

monsta x, kpop, and minhyuk image

_14. Favourite M/V?
_All In

hands Superthumb aesthetic minhyuk

_15. Favourite Picture of Kihyun?

kihyun and monsta x image

_16. Favourite Picture of Hyungwon?

monsta x, hyungwon, and kpop image

_17. Favourite Picture of Jooheon?

jooheon, monsta x, and kpop image

_18. Favourite Picture of I.M?

monsta x, i.m, and kpop image

_19. Favourite Monsta X Picture?

monsta x, jooheon, and wonho image

_20. Favourite Monsta X Gif?

gif, monsta x, and minhyuk image