Hi guys, today I'm gonna share with you my every makeup routine.

  • 1st step - Foundation
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Apply a uniform layer all over the face with a brush or beauty blender
  • 2nd step - Concealer
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Apply concealer in the dark circles and in some places where we want to correct.
  • 3rd step - Matifying Powder
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Apply a thin layer and discreet all over the face to make the makeup stand longer and with less brightness.
  • 4th step - Bronzer
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The bronzer will give a more healthy and natural air.
  • 5th step - Eyeshadow
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I usually apply a nude shade all over the eyelid.
  • 6th step - Mascara
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The mascara is essential, gives a more open look.
  • 7th - Lipstick
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I usually opt for a matte long-lasting lipstick.

Hope you enjoy!