Hi! I decided to try the callenge My name in colors, so here we are!

My name is Elsa

E: ecarlate

flowers, rose, and beautiful image aesthetic, bags, and food and drink image red, aesthetic, and city image art, feminine, and white image
'Cause that is my FAVOURITE colour and my lips are always with a lipstick like this <3

L: Lapiz Lazuli

blue, silver, and lapis lazuli image Image by Sheree lapis image
'Cause my eyes are in this beautiful colour and I'm little proud of it because my boyfriend just love them ^^

S: sand

beach, horse, and summer image girl, summer, and beach image blond hair, blonde, and inspiration image hair, girl, and braid image
For 3 reasons, the first one is because I LOVE SUMMER, the second cause I'm a blond hair girl and the third cause my skin is quiet like this in winter ^^

A: Ambre

amber, happy, and jewerly image amber and jewerly image amber image jewerly and янтарь image
Ans this is the part, I just love the colour of the amber cause that's the first ring my boyfriend give me, and this is just SO ROMANTIC