Hi! I decided to try the callenge My name in colors, so here we are!

My name is Elsa

E: ecarlate

Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic Superthumb
'Cause that is my FAVOURITE colour and my lips are always with a lipstick like this <3

L: Lapiz Lazuli

Superthumb lapis lazuli lapis
'Cause my eyes are in this beautiful colour and I'm little proud of it because my boyfriend just love them ^^

S: sand

adventure beach Superthumb beauty
For 3 reasons, the first one is because I LOVE SUMMER, the second cause I'm a blond hair girl and the third cause my skin is quiet like this in winter ^^

A: Ambre

Superthumb Superthumb amber Superthumb
Ans this is the part, I just love the colour of the amber cause that's the first ring my boyfriend give me, and this is just SO ROMANTIC