I have 15 years old and i left the country 2 times,in Bulgaria,but it is very close to my home. So i want to visit more distant places.

New York
I ve watched Gossip Girl and i liked the show a lot!! I want to visit the Manhattan,Central Park,Brooklyn Bridge and all that can be seen. I love height buildings!!! :))))


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Los Angeles
I think everyone wants to get here because it is a VERY SPECTACULAR CITY! Seriously,all lights and all streets are wonderful and like full of dreams. Not to mention that there s always hot...!

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I love the love and this city is made of love!

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I like history...more or less... :)))) I want to see the Colosseum because it s a work of art and the photos would be great! not mention ice-cream is sooo gooood!!!! :)

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A woderful place on water!!

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A lot of romanians live here...i heard it s a welcoming place. Anyway,i want to visit this because the spanish it s a melodious language! (and very similar with italian)

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That s all for today,i hope you like my first article...

I apologize for any mistakes in writing, but I don t know perfect English