Hello my lovely little licornes ~

Oui a l´Amour perfume is an exclusive brand new item created by Sophie Labbé according to who the process of making the perfume is about a listening and intuition. ,,Perfume has to be unique not only for its composition but also for its emotion, which represents." This perfume should "speak" with a mysterious language of heart and it should symbolize a courage, passion and endless love.

Scent is contained in a very pretty glass bottle which I just love! They look like a part of my room decoration and they seem really miraculous when they are "kissed" by the sun´s shines. Literally a gem in my collection. On the bottle´s neck there is the YR´s logo. Front of the perfume contains the name of it, back contains floral outlines. On the side there is an engraved assymetrical heart which looks like made out of the crystals. I fell in love with this product immediately - not only for its scent, but also for its appearance. It is just adorable and it evokes to me a sweetness, romantics and love.

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Archangelica - The archangelic´s root releases fragile tones that overflow with freshness.
Damask rose - Rose essence creates a natural and sensual scent of rose in nature.
Tonka bean - Tonka beans release sweet vanilla and balsamic tones. They add softness and feminity to fragrance.
Cedar Wood - It has heavy, dry and energetic tones. It's a touch of elegance at the end.

On the first smell it´s a very sweet yet peppery scent. I really like the fact that it doesn´t contain that "alcohol" smell at all. It´s a pure and premeditated combination of the scents. As I outlined in the lines above, I think it´s a bit "naive" scent. With this perfume I feel like capable of anything. It´s one of those which can give you more self confidence and help you to think that everything is suddenly possible. There are also fresh, elegant and sophisticated tones included, present.

beauty, fragrance, and perfume image

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