Hellooo ! This is my first challenge, I hope you're going to like it !
I'm french and my name is ELEANORE so yeah it was kinda hard but nevermind, I did it !


E - Egyptian Blue

blue image blue, theme, and ocean image blue, stars, and aesthetic image blue, dark, and aesthetic image

L - Lilac

color, colors, and colour image clouds, sky, and travel image Image removed lavender, lilac, and purple image

E - Emerald Green

aesthetic, alternative, and cyber image snake, green, and aesthetic image green, velvet, and dress image green, neon, and glow image

A - Amber

autumn, style, and not sharing image hazel image cat, amber, and color image amber, baltic, and elegant image

N - Nude

affection, beige, and body image nails, rings, and beauty image inspiration, natural, and neutral image hair, braid, and article image

O - Onyx

b&w, black, and dark image cat, animal, and black image Image removed rose, fire, and black image

R - Rainbow

keyboard, pastel, and rainbow image rainbow, art, and colors image aesthetic, clothes, and colors image rainbow, end, and sky image
the lesbian in me is so happy right now

E - Electric Red

paradise, red, and body electric image red, aesthetic, and sweater image red, aesthetic, and smoke image red, aesthetic, and Dream image

Voilà ! Did you enjoy ?
Have a nice day and don't forget you're beautiful, you're the best and you can make your dreams come true !

suga, bts, and min yoongi image