Hey, this is my second article and as my article title goes like "Why"... I seriously want to ask why...Why we women have to face all the atrocities and the oppression...why do people think that they can do, anything they like, with us, don't we have feelings, don't we get hurt. Why is it so?

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On one hand, we say that Women and men are equal...they should be treated equally but we know that it's not really happening if it did we didn't have to fight, protest and demand our rights. why do we have to even ask for our rights? why can't we live as we want? We say God made us all and He made us perfect and equal...why don't we get it then? I believe that now is the time when we speak up for ourselves and not wait for anyone else to do it.we all know that whatever is happening in this world today with us is not good and this needs to stop.We can do it, Ladies.

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Why stand against each other and trouble ourselves when we can stand with each other and empower ourselves. I Know this fight is going on in many parts of the world, I wish I could say in all parts.
Let's just speak up if we feel anything wrong going on and not act blind.