I've seen articles all over weheartit, so i thought i'd try my hand at it! I'm starting with something simple, my name in colors.

My full name is Madeleine.

M is for Maroon

theme, dark, and grunge image sky, red, and alternative image dark, door, and raspberry image light, luxury, and chandelier image

A is for Amber

theme, orange, and aesthetic image aesthetic, orange, and ombre image aesthetic, orange, and flowers image beauty, aesthetic, and indie image

D is for Dandelion

quote image Image by 6161 quotes, yellow, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and van gogh image

E is for Ebony

city, light, and night image dark, aesthetic, and theme image couple, love, and goals image black, voss, and dark image

L is for Lilac

lilac image moon, purple, and sky image sky, clouds, and purple image purple image

E is for Emerald Green

Image removed moon, night, and sky image train, green, and nature image fish and koi image

I is for Ivory

aesthetic and white image aesthetic, beautiful, and ghetto image ocean, sea, and waves image theme, aesthetic, and water image

N is for Navy Blue

blue, navy blue, and dark image blue, sea, and door image Image removed blue, dark, and grunge image

E is for Eggplant

Image by Sade purple, grunge, and pool image Inspiring Image on We Heart It purple, aesthetic, and plants image

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