I like to wake up early and my body is used to waking up early. I usually wake up around 5:30 to 06:30 and it also depends on what time i slept
the night before.

Personally i like having a morning routine because i feel so organized and productive and it gives me a boost into my day. My morning routine is really simple. Here it is:

1. Wake up: When i wake up i like to roll or move around my bed. I don't know why i do that but i find it nice.

2. Make bed: So finally i get out of bed and i make my bed so i don't get tempted to lay in it

3. Wash face and brush teeth: I wash my face with my face washes and stuff and i brush my teeth so i don't have morning breath

4. Read: Reading helps to improve my vocabulary and imagination and doing this in the morning is so relaxing for me. I read for atleast 10 minutes

5. Meditate: I like to use the time to focus on myself

6. Bullet Journal: I plan my day out

7. Breakfast

8. Social Media: I like to give myself time to go and check up on what i've missed

9. Shower

10. Start my day