Norton Internet security is an antivirus software which is sued for preventing your device from viruses and Trojan horse.It keeps your system safe from unauthorized users.It enables firewall when ever any infected programs wants to enter in your device.

How to stop norton internet security from deleting files?

We are describing some steps to stop Norton security from deleting file.You need to follow given below steps.These steps will help you to rectify your issue.Here are two methods given below,you may choose accordingly.

Method 1:

Norton removes the suspected threat and store somewhere.These suspected threats are called quarantine.

To find these items, go to the advanced option in your Norton software then select the Computer protection.

Here you need to click on the Quarantine to open the security history window.

Here you will see all the programs,now click on the programs which you want to recover.

After that select the options and restore and exclude this file.

Now click on the yes option to restore deleted items which have deleted by mistake.

Method 2:

First of all you will have to select the disk storage location where lost data has been stored then you need to click on the scan option.

Now you will have to choose Easeus data recovery wizard which will scan your system quickly.When quick scan will be completed then you will see so many files.

You need to choose the files which you want to recover from the scanning result.

After that you are required to select the “recover” button to recover the selected files.

Here you need to choose the better option for storing the file instead of hard drive to avoid data replication.

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