When I look into your eyes, I fall in love with life all over again.
The lightning draws shadows across your skin like a raven pen.
The stormy days don't bother me, the clouds are pure sunshine,
I feel no fear, just comfort, in knowing that you are mine.

Your eyes are new shades of blue that we haven't seen above us.
The roaring ocean and her coming tide are all types of jealous.
Your hands, so soft, that I could lay in them all day long,
And I know that you will always catch me with arms so strong.

How could the universe make something so perfectly flawed?
Sometimes I just sit back and watch you in awe.
The freckles are scattered on your body like a heavenly constellation,
And I sit here and lose track of my mind and location.

For when I see your eyes, I am brought back to a little child.
The happiest of all my days, are there in your smile.
Your laughter sounds like cumulus clouds and sunshine,
So, I smile and let out a tear, in knowing that you are mine.