Day 3 - Make a list of your favorite books

This is a good one! Im just gonna focus on my 3 favourite books. The list isn't in order, but the first one its the most important

1.- For Such A Time by Kate Breslin
This book is my favourite because its about one of my favourite topics in the world. The Holocaust. I knos, I know, its a really delicate theme, but the book tells you the story of Stella and Eric. Stella is jewish and Eric is a really important nazi. Someway they fall in love and they have to go over a lot of stuff.
When I finished this book I was so shocked that I sent an email to Kate, and she responded me. This is one of the most incredible things that have happened to me, my favourite writer answer my email and after talking for a while she send me some gifts to my house. SHE IS THE BEST

2.- Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
This book is really deep. Its poetry and I really love the way Rupi isn't afraid of writing what she really think about a lot of topics that can be called "taboo". Its the book that showed me how lovely its the poetry.

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3.-Love Her Wild by atticus
Also a poetry book. The book its a really beautiful way of seeing love, its sweet and lovely. Atticus is a new Canadian poet, and to be honest on my opinion he is one of the most amazing poets

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And that were 3 of my favourite books. Hope you guys enjoy it and thank you for reading. ly

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