And I decided to stop crying, I decided that it was time to heal my heart's leaks before it reached a "dead" point from which I would not be able to recover it.
I decided that my smiles are worth more than a hundred tears, I decided that I'll be happy with things that I have at this moment and with people that you decide to stay in my life, because now I'll remove that weight that will not let me breathe in peace.

Life is only one and I want to navigate it, discover it at my own pace and under my own criteria. I want to scream, laugh, enjoy! I got tired of suffering and thinking that it was not enough for this world.

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I want to eat what I like, dress as I want, express myself as I want. Study, work or live in the now waiting for what awaits me in the future? It's only my decision. God gave a life to each one and this is mine, NOBODY must has to tell me how to be.

Whoever wants me in his life, will have to accept me as I am because I do not intend to change anything at all. Do not you think well? Ok, you can follow your path, because I will not stop you.

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