Hey everyone! This is second day of self care week and okay, so I am pretty sure I did not do everything I listed for Monday?? I for sure got up half an hour early, which was great, I did sort of forgiving thing as well, I honestly don't remember what was other things lol, but instead of going to bed 30minutes early i went to bed at 2am because I was studying and now I am so late for school but I wanted to give you an update and another list!! Let me know if you completed yesterday's task!!

So todayyy we

- Turn off phone and log off from allllll social media, lets make today as productive as possible.

- Put a 10 minute break from whatever youre doing and just relax

- Be nice to your parents and classmates

- Moisturise (okay i dont do it at all and i know i should uh)

- Define your personality and set goals of things that you want to change

Sorry its a little lame but im sooo late for school, have a nice day friends! Love you