Hi my loves! Recently i have redecorated my room but as i am only 14 my budget was verrrryyyy limited. So in this article I'll tell you how to get a super aesthetic room on a student's budget! xox 💕

a 'theme' for your room ⭐️

When redecorating, it's super important to have a general theme or colour scheme for your room! Otherwise, things may clash and just look overall messy and unorganised (and if you are putting a whole bunch of effort into redecorating your room, why not make it amazing!). Here are some pics of things that helped my room inspiration to help you see what I mean by a 'theme'

aesthetic, pastel, and art hoe image home, room, and flowers image art, bedroom, and girl image pastel, white, and aesthetic image
A main inspiration of my room are soft pinks, greens and beige

Decorating 🌻

A huge thing in any room is finding cute accessories to help jazz up your room! This includes pillows and bedsheets, bed - side tables (aka nightstands) plants, candles, artwork and rugs.

pink and bed image flowers, aesthetic, and wall image room, aesthetic, and interior image flowers, light, and rose image

Bonus! - making a vision board 🌵

There are 3 steps in order to create a vision board

1. collect similar style images
Similar to making a theme for your room, make a theme for your vision board!

2. find a cute way to display them
whether it be on a pinboard to being strung on fairy lights, the way you display your pics is up to you!

3. add some 3D elements
don't be afraid to add some 3 dimentional elements to your vision board, this can include flowers, twinkle lights or pins anything to add an extra 'oomph' to your vision board

That's it! Thanks so much for reading and I hope that your room turns out gorgeous! Send me pictures via my instagram 😍