words can not explain how I felt the day he kneeled down before me with a shiny ring in a wooden box that had our initials on it.
it was like a wave of happiness, excitement, and fears all collide together to consume over my body.
on february14, 2018 he asked me to be his wife.
like many girls, growing up for me was daydreaming about meeting my prince charming and living happily ever after.
even when I got a taste of reality and all the harsh challenges, I still held tightly onto my little fantasy to one day meet the love of my life. my soulmate.
as my faith in religion grew, so did my patience to wait for mr.right.
as I went though high school, without anyone to call my own I had became desperate. why wasn't anyone finding interest in me? was I not perfect? pretty? did I smell weird?
insecurities became bigger then before as I walked the halls everyday seeing others holding hands and kissing on the cheek. I longed for that gentle, innocent love.
eventually, at the beginning of senior year, I'd decide to change my life around. I wasn't going to focus on finding someone to look at me with stars in their eyes, instead I was going to focus on school and finishing in June.
but somehow, God had different plans for me.
I had notice him at the beginning of the school year, saw the change of how he'd grown. he wasn't no longer the skinny, tiny boy from middle school. he was taller then me, and his back was wider, arms bigger then my own hand.
but I dismissed him quickly, wanting to not get side tracked. besides, I've never spoke to him in my life, he probably didn't even know my name.
and I was right. however, I'd gotten his attention during the winter.
he says now that it was my hair. short and dark brown. nothing special to me but to him it was.
it started slowly, liking my pictures on Facebook and requesting to follow me on Instagram.
he sneaked his way into my life.
and everyday, I thank God for allowing me to have the courage to open up to him when he sat with me on the bus at the ends of January. I was ready to close him off but something inside me went against it.
he loves me. he cares for me. he respects my decision to wait until marriage and never once questioned it. he grows his faith alongside of me.
and there's no one else I would want to be with that isn't him.
I waited patiently and I got my prince.
and the wait was worth it.
he was my first and last kiss, my first and last boyfriend, and will be my first and last of everything.
to many, it's silly to commit to my first love but I know that I am okay with who I plan on spending the rest of my life with.
I said yes to him. to be his wife. to create a family. to follow god's words and plans for us.
I said yes.

- b

(image is not mine. and there might me some mistakes but I just wanted to share with all of you that I'm getting married!)