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noun ; the resolution of a mystery.
lilac, theme, and tropical image fireworks, light, and new year image love, quotes, and believe image aesthetic, feed, and girl image
adj ; sweet, sugary.
Prom and dress image feet, gold, and heels image Image by silviabertusii fashion, rose gold, and style image
noun ; softener.
fashion, denim, and outfit image blue, drink, and indie image jeans, water, and white image jeans, blue, and tumblr image
adj ; slender and graceful.
dark red, feed, and red theme image ok, light, and neon image ring, diamond, and jewelry image aesthetic, art, and fashion image
noun ; an inclination.
nails, pink, and perfume image fashion, bag, and chloe image vogue, rose gold, and cafe image black, pink hair, and melanin image

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