So we meet again...

Ive been seeing people do this challenge so i decided to join in. Hope you enjoy!

- S T Y L E -

Inspiring Image on We Heart It blue, flowers, and aesthetic image outfit, soft blue, and sweatshirt image aesthetic, asian, and grunge image
I wear a lot of tank tops under sweaters/cardigans, t shirts tucked into jeans, and oversized sweatshirts and sweaters. I try to keep it simple

- A E S T H E T I C S -

aesthetic, gold, and maurice image girl, yellow, and fashion image yellow, aesthetic, and enjajaja image aesthetic, twitter, and icon image
" lovely yellow "
girl, vintage, and tea image girl, eyes, and aesthetic image orange, aesthetic, and sunset image book, aesthetic, and flowers image
" just peachy "
aesthetic, blue, and skate image blue, cafe, and purple image girl, aesthetic, and alternative image aesthetic, anxiety, and blue image
" sky blue "

- P E R S O N A L I T Y -

meme, relatable, and funny image quotes, show, and grunge image aesthetic, grunge, and school image exhaustion, funny, and sarcasm image
im very shy, sarcastic, and lazy. none of those things work in my favor as you can imagine. but what else is new?

- S I N G E R S / B A N D S -

girl, doddleoddle, and singer image aesthetic, stressed, and relatable image
" Dodie Clark "
twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tøp image grunge, twenty one piolts, and tyler image
" Twenty One Piolts "
60s, aesthetic, and band image the beatles image the beatles, gif, and beatles image gif, the beatles, and john lennon image
" The Beatles "
band, boys, and celebrate image band, jack met, and ryan met image
" AJR "

- A N I M A L S -

snake, animal, and grunge image animal, flower, and tree image rabbit, animal, and cute image dog, animal, and cute image
snakes, cats, bunnies, and pugs

- T V / M O V I E S -

90s, black, and black hair image cosby show and gif image coolness, cosby show, and thuglife image forever, grunge indie hipster, and me image
the cosby show
stranger things, eleven, and gif image stranger things, eleven, and tattoo image stranger things image actor, millie, and strangerthings image
stranger things
boy meets world and topanga image boy meets world, eric, and gif image beautiful, funny, and quotes image 90s, boy meets world, and cory matthews image
boy meets world
movie, samantha, and twin sister image samantha, twin sister, and movie image movie, twinsters, and samantha image twinsters, samantha futerman, and anais bordier image
steven universe image aesthetic, quotes, and lockscreen image aesthetic, cartoon, and cartoon network image aesthetic, quotes, and lockscreen image
steven universe
90s, cher horowitz, and alicia silverstone image Clueless, clothes, and grunge image Clueless, 90s, and movie image Clueless, brittany murphy, and alicia silverstone image
clue and movie image clue and movie image classic, clue, and hollywood image awesome, maid, and clue image
ferris bueller's day off, 80s, and mia sara image ferris bueller, ferris bueller's day off, and 80s image quotes, grunge, and dying image quotes, alone, and movie image
ferris beullers day off

thanks for reading!