I noticed that in the last article i posted, a lot of people were giving it the crying reaction. Noticing that it was just Valentine's Day, and I didn't realize that I had posted a lot of love songs, I'd like to bounce back from that and celebrate being happy during this season, regardless.

Because a partner does not define us, and I sure as hell am having a lot of fun being single. Also, if you are happily in a relationship, then that's amazing, too! :-) This is simply a list for all the lovelies out there who wish to discover some brand new music and dance around in their room for fun!

So, here's a new list of brand new favorite songs of mine that I am absolutely obsessed with right now. Enjoy ((';

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Prepare to laugh, because some of these are just "phenomenal" LOL
  • Everywhere I go by Hollywood Undead (...lol)
  • House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots
  • Press Restart by WALK THE MOON
  • MGNO by Russell Dickerson (This song makes me DANCE)
  • My Shiny Teeth and Me (Cover) by Kenny Maness
  • 80's Films by Jon Bellion
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Some of these songs are old but they're catchy so :-)
  • OREO Wonderfilled Song by OREO feat. Owl City
  • Kolors by Monte Booker feat. Smino
  • Stinky Money by Tiny Meat Gang (This makes me laugh tbh)
  • Game Plan by Ojivolta feat. Jon Bellion
  • Release You by Megan & Liz
  • No Faith in Brooklyn by Hoodie Allen feat. Jhameel
  • Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens) by New Politics

I hope that you enjoy my brand new variety of music! I definitely find myself dancing and cruising to these songs. Throwback to Shiny Teeth and Me ((';

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Love Always,
— C.A. Miller