I am a tv-head! I love a sticky plot and twists and turns! Honestly, it helps me do mindless HW and chores. Here are some shows with teeth that will have you slack-jawed!


sons of anarchy image sons of anarchy, soa, and juice ortiz image

~Honestly, this show is indescribable. It's rugged and dirty in the best way possible. The show follows Jax Teller 😍😍😍 a member or a motorcycle crew in California as he goes through daily struggles along with issues that arise while trying to support his family and the club. Violence, sex, and more violence. Highly addictive with emotionally charged performances that will have you questioning your own lively hood! If you are not afraid of a little gore and a bunch of gang violence...give this show a ride!


big little lies, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon image

~This show is as much pleasing to the eye as to the ear. With a wonderful soundtrack and an aesthetically beautiful beach/coastal setting, you almost forget about the plot...ALMOST! This show tackles all types of relationship issues while being compelling and very good! Also, it's only 7 episodes (so far), and worth every single hour


teotfw and girl image teotfw image teotfw, Alyssa, and james image Alyssa, james, and teotfw image

~NETFLIX DOES IT AGAIN! This show is soo funny and cute! This show started off really lighthearted, but got serious really quick! It has a murder, first love, and cliff-hanger. Really cute...I loved it! Dark humor at its finest!


comics, DC, and young justice image

~I am not crazy about animated shows, but I started this show when it was on Cartoon Network and have been obsessed ever since. Classic superhero drama just like Justice League Unlimited mixed in with teen drama (which I love). Without the creepy CGI and weird acting of the CW shows (no shade). They have a season 3 coming out later this year which will be extra gritty because it will now be featured on DC's own streaming channel with a new rating 😈.