Day 2: I'd say I did pretty well today. I wanted to try something new by mixing up my schedule so I woke up at 5:15 to do morning yoga. I just tried a morning yoga routine for beginners that I found on Youtube and I unfortunately wasn't able to do all of the poses as adequately as I would like. But that is to be expected for a beginner! I am going to keep working on it and soon I will be a pro. I had a smoothie for breakfast which kept me full until lunch but I do think I needed more of a protein to keep my energy level up so I will know that for tomorrow. For my lunch I had leftover porkroast and sweet potatoes. Also a small orange. Not THE healthiest of lunches I'll admit, but I took off the bacon that was wrapped around the roast and didn't use that much butter on the sweet potatoes, so I'd call it a win. As for my water intake I had 11 cups before 4 o'clock! My goal is usually 8 cups before bed but it was really hot today so maybe that's why I drank so much. The evening turned a little sour though. I had a doctor's appointment that I stressed about and wanted pizza for dinner. I'd like to say I had a salad with it but I'd be lying. So for dinner I didn't do as well as my other meals. I also didn't exercise in the evening like I had planned because I had a midterm to study for, which still, I could have made time to workout so there's no excuse. Hopefully my writing everything down everyday will help me be accountable for my actions and choose to do better the next day.