Oh, boy! Today is day three of the 30-day writing challenge. This is:

Day 3. My First Love and First Kiss

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My First Kiss

This may be long but stick with me! First, I would like to say, I have never been the social butterfly. I have always been the antisocial moth. So, it should come as no surprise that my first kiss was actually March of last year (2017). I was fifteen at the time; I am now sixteen. This boy and I had a thing going on for about six months before either of us made a move. I used to be very shy so I was determined to make the first move. I was aiming for January, Friday the 13th. I was going to wear my Friday The 13th shirt. You don't get very often to wear that shirt and it be Friday the 13th, and you have your first kiss. I knew it'd be a day to remember. Long story short, we didn't kiss. My dreams crushed, as I knew the next Friday the 13th was in October (I wasn't waiting that long).

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I didn't have the chance! We were never alone! So, somehow it happened in March. Took forever!

Should've kissed him anyways. Even in front of people.

Zoom past February -- to March 5th. For Theater, I was doing this play that he was also doing. March 5th was a Saturday and we had rehearsals. There was a scene in the play where both of us were not a part of. We waited for the end of the play backstage, by ourselves. This was the moment! I went in to kiss him and he moved his face away and said, "You thought."

You thought.
- Jacob
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I was dead, done for, never to be seen again. That's how I felt anyways. Let's just recap real quick:

  • I get embarrassed very quickly
  • I made the first move
  • This was my crush
  • I had never kissed anyone before
  • He said, "You thought"

I was thinking, " Are you kidding me!?" We went the rest of rehearsals just fine, but I was just shocked. He ended up coming to my house that night. We watched Hellboy and we were alone. While the credits were playing he just looked at me and goes, "Aren't you supposed to do something?" I replied, "Do what?" To that, he just tilted his head like "really". So, I leaned and kissed him. Let me tell you, I did not expect him to go for tongue right away.

My First Love

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Who do you think Albert Einstein kissed?

That was very long, so I'll keep this short. I am actually still in my first love with that boy. It will be an official year in March because we also started to date that month. Our kissing has gotten better (haha). He is amazingly smart, he has blonde hair and green eyes. He's sweet but also a giant ass.

Well, that's it, guys! I hope you guys enjoyed or at least made it this far.


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