hello again! today's post will be focused on bubble tea. what is it?

» what it is
bubble tea, or boba, is known for its sweet and savory milk tea with chewy "bubbles" on the bottom. basically, tea with sweetened milk or other flavoring and a japanese treat called tapioca (shown below).

boba, bubble tea, and coconut image
the black pearls at the bottom of the cup is called tapioca. they are about the size of a marble and give off a sweet, chewy, sensation to the drink!

» where it originated
bubble tea was originally from Taiwan. they claim that a man experimented by adding fruit, candied yams, syrup, and tapioca pearls to cold milk tea. most say it is as popular there as coffee is here in the USA - around every corner.

» flavors
some popular flavors of bubble tea are:
passion fruit

bubble tea, drink, and food image

» quick how-to
to make this delicious drink, follow these simple steps:
1. make some tea
2. boil boba pearls (according to package)
3. add milk to the tea and mix
4. add your sweetener to the tea and milk
5. pour your boba pearls and sweet milktea in a glass along with ice (opt.) to create the delicious drink!

thank you fro reading! i hope this post was helpful and/or entertaining! sorry about that rushed unclear tutorial haha (i might make a more detailed version)