Depression-Feelings of severe despondency or dejection. In another words, depression is a pain in the ass. Depression is something many people suffer from. Others who do not suffer from it believe that is a form of make belief, and if they do believe, they see it as a mental disability that can always be fixed. For us who go through life everyday with it know how it is: Wake up feeling sad for no reason, get dressed, go to school, deal with people we don't want to, however we put a smile on our face so people don't ask "Are you okay?". When people ask this simple phrase we become vulnerable to our minds. We feel as if that one phrase can ruin us, so we pass by without a word, or we say "IM FINE!...",but are we really??? We push everything past us and hope that one day everything will change in an instance, but little do we know, nothing really ever changes. We nudge at people with our actions, or even people we have known for years just by acting different, but they won't notice till its too late.

They really don't understand it is a battle between yourself and your dark side.

Its a constant battle. You have two sides, one of which is losing, she can become passionate and excels at any and everything she does. She pushes herself to the limits so others can benefit, she however pushes too much. She falls to easily, and is hard to get up. Whenever she tries she tries to much, maybe that is a good thing, she cares and lets them in, but when she is overpowered she shuts down. She is the life of the body, the light of the flame, she gives warmth to the heart. The other is a man, he is dark yet fierce and brave and strong. He is the dark side. He is never overpowered and when he is, all will fear. He is passionate but only towards the dark things, he tries to push you down and make sure you continue to fail. He overpowers her, he wins. These are the two parts of ones self during depression. The side that feel they can be alive and live through the rough phases. Then you have the other which in this case pushes you down into your caged mind, filling your thoughts with sorrow and pain.

So leaving you with this I hope that now you understand Depression is a battle and some people will never escape it, and shouldn't be forced to try to, because not everyone can make it out alive.

Thank you for taking time to read this article.