When I was a senior in high school I couldn’t tell you how many of those Pinterest “college must have” lists I looked through. The truth is you’re not going to use a lot of those items, and there are some things I wish I would have thought to bring the first trip to college. But with that said here is my list, from my experience.

Not Dorm Specific (Even if your commuting you need)

Lanyard with ID holder: Especially if you live on campus you will have you room key, mail key, student id, etc to carry at all times. Even if you don’t live on campus, you’ll most likely need to carry your student ID with you at all times. It’s so easy to grab your lanyard, knowing you have everything and walk out the door. I personally have a vera bradley one that I bought at an outlet store for 80% off.

Reusable water bottle(s): Especially when you’re sprinting across campus & only have 10 minutes you are going to be pretty tired, wanting water. I actually have two, my roommate has 3. It may seem unnecessary but it’s so nice to have more than one, but you need at least one.

Some sort of hand held planner/calendar: Everyone has there own method of organization, but I will say I know more people on top of their work who have all of their assignments written somewhere they constantly check instead of just on their phone.

Highlighters: this is more of a side category. And when I say highlighters I mean at least one for each class you plan to take. So to be a full time student it’s usually 4 classes, so have 4 highlighters. This is mainly to help organize my calendar.

Sticky Notes!!! I couldn’t survive without sticky notes. Not only annotating in rented textbooks, but I also have them posted all over my dorm as to dos & reminders.

A gym bag/ string bag: This is mostly from my experience with being a theatre major. It was my school’s policy that in my acting class that you had to wear all black clothing. So it was nice to have my clothes to change into. Also I had stagecraft lab where I had a dress code, so I would carry all of my supplies in there. It’s just nice to have if you have a class that requires certain supplies, dress, etc. to have a separate bag for that class.

Dorm Specific

Clorox (disinfectant) wipes: Buy this by the bulk because even if you don’t clean regularly you are almost guaranteed to spill something on your desk. Also don’t bringing spray bottles or hard core cleaning supplies because that’s unnecessary.

Printer: This is a very controversial need. When I was first packing for college I was 100% against buying a printer, but now I couldn’t imagine now having it. (Shout out to my roommate for saving me with that) I think I’m going to do a full pro and con list of having a printer in a dorm room so you can decide for yourself.

Dish soap: This is something I didn’t think of but my roommate did, saving my ass. Especially with having 1-2 cups of coffee a day. I need to wash my mugs. You do not need a hug thing of dawn, but a tiny one to get you through a few months will be fine

A 'bed wedge’ pillow: So important so you can be comfortable while studying on your bed, but all just adds extra support while you're sleeping. Plus my college dorm bed is in the most inconvenient place so without it my pillows wouldn’t be able to stay upright on my bed.