hello everybody today I'll give you some tips in order to have the most pretty and organized desk ever!

Little Buckets

  • something I love to do is having little buckets (or mason jars) on my desk to put my pens, pencils, brushes, etc. This way I have everything I need near me :3
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this is just a random example lmao

Cork Board

  • A cork board is essential on someone's room, there you can put everything you have to do and it's 100% cuztomizable! you can add some lights, pictures, drawings, lists, and many many more.
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ooh so niiiceee


  • May sound weird I know, but having one scented candle can be everything to you. When studying the scent of the candle will make you more calm and it will make a nice environment. Something you should definitely try!
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I can smell the candles from here


  • If you have a small desk, you can buy some cheap drawers in order to have space to store the things you don't need that much. Just place the drawer aside your desk and that's it! Some tips to organize the drawers are using baskets to arrange the space, use a drawer for only books and textbooks, etc.
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oof so organized


  • Try to print your schedule or make it yourself and plastify it or paste it in the corner of your desk. This way you'll never forget which classes you have for each day (I say this because many people like me aren't able to memorize the entire schedule, so this can be a useful tip for some)
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that's what I likeee

Bullet journal / agenda

  • Having this near your desk can be your life, like literally. So I'll leave you some info down here hehe

- My personal favorite part! Having a bullet journal is the best way to
organize yourself in a cute way. I'm not the expert on bullet journals but I
can tell you that you can make yours as you wish, there's no exact way to
make one. It's 100% customizable and can be made according to each
person's pleasure.

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I wish I can make stuff that pretty

-If you don't like the idea of having to make a Bullet Journal you can
buy some pretty and cheap agendas. The one I have is from marshalls
and has a hard shell with bright colors and is big enough. It costed only 8 bucks but I'm completely sure you can find one cheaper

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the second one is my bootyful agenda

Hope you liked this babes, love youuu!! Make sure to follow me ;)