Hello everyone!!!

Recently, I´ve been kind of obsessed with tags and challenges here on WHI.
I wanted to do this one since five days ago or so, now I got the opportunity (aka time \ aka stop procastinating) to think about the colors that best define my personality.

So, here you have!

My name is GABRIELA.

G: Garnet

beautiful, garnet, and lights image beautiful, beauty, and blouse image red, vintage, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and hearts image

A: Amber

yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image aesthetic, art, and yellow image flowers, plants, and beautiful image yellow, neon, and quotes image

B: Baby Pink

pink, art, and aesthetic image pink, flowers, and aesthetic image pink, crybaby, and aesthetic image babe, boy, and girl image

R: Russet

Image by Elisa.Niyaha~WaywardSister autumn, notebook, and fall image sweater, autumn, and fall image art, girl, and aesthetic image

I: Indigo Dye

blue, art, and white image blue, white, and indie image blue, theme, and indie image dior, blue, and indie image

E: Emerald

poison, people, and grunge image Image by Aaaurélie S. green, tropical, and nature image cactus, green, and neon image

L: Lilac

sky, purple, and pink image purple, door, and pink image purple, lilac, and theme image purple, aesthetic, and quotes image

A: Apricot

peach, theme, and fruit image peach, lips, and theme image peach, sky, and aesthetic image peach and orange image