Hey, guys.
I haven't written because I've been busy, and I have a lot to tell you.

First of all... Wow! My last article had 243 hearts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I never imagined that my life would be so interesting. But I believe it, my life is a drama, I should write a book.

Anyway, where to start... I guess because of the bad news? Afterwards, you know, cheer me up.

I failed history (but I turned in an extra paper and now I'm approved with 6) so wow.
My aunt with cancer died, but that's okay, because she's not suffering anymore:) So RIP.

THE GOOD NEWS sfjiofjiuqhwnf.

First: Now I get SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER good with "Penny", and with "Ariel" we don't talk so much anymore but... Never mind, fuck that sucker.

Now... Remember that I told you I wrote a letter to Grace? I actually wrote 2... Whatever. I gave her just the sad one, the one I said goodbye.

Well, I gave it to her on February 14, and she sent me a long message, me too, we talked and settled things and today I was with her at lunch! We're only going to meet once a week because she's got her fucking friends and I've got mine?
So yes, we have a lot of trust again, everything's fine between us.

Now, I also told them in the last article that I was in love with a boy,"Adam", and that I also had a crush on "Lexi" a girl I had been in love with for a long time.
Well, on Friday I saw "Lexi" and the only nice thing I felt was seeing her green eyes so close when we greeted each other and said goodbye... I think I almost got over her. And then... Here's the exciting part.
There is a child in my classroom,"Chris", I live in a country other than the USA and here we have ONE specific group of classmates.
So, this guy, "Chris" it's with me in my course too, but in another classroom.
Last Thursday night he stalked me on Facebook. He reacted with "Love", you know, the red heart, to almost all my pictures.
Then Penny started bothering me with him, but I wasn't interested in him and I didn't think he was interested in me, because he's a popular kid, they fall in love with girls with lots of bubies and a lot of ass and they're popular, and I'm not at all like that (except if I have a big ass, obviously).

Whatever, blah blah blah blah blah.
The last week.. On Wednesday, I realized I liked Chris.
He looks at me in the classroom for a long time, and when I turn around, he takes his eyes off me.
He was moved to my classroom in my class and on Thursday I sat next to him because I was late and it was the only place available, lmao.

We were tested, and he put his hand next to mine and threw his pencil, but rolled forward and another girl lifted him up, then threw his rubber and we both bent down to pick it up. It was beautiful.

"Penny's helping me get him to like me.

I swear, I'm thinking about him 24/7
What has he done to me?!

I'm going to see him tomorrow in my course and I'll let you know if anything happens between us. Like the deep glances and yeah...

I love you so much guys, thank you for the 243 hearts, again, follow me so that you don't miss this story.


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