So my name is Jenilee but I like to go by Belle it means beauty and I like to feel beautiful so I made username @iambeautybelle my username used to @jenileealicia which is my middle and first name. I got this idea from my best friend @theangelicanne (go follow her). Let’s get started!

J-Jade Green

Superthumb 1920s Superthumb aesthetic
Now I don’t really like green but this color is just so pretty!

E-Electric Yellow

Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic quotes
Now yellows a super bright color I wouldn’t wear it or use it any way much just because I don’t like bright colors like that.

N-Navy Blue

blue adidas
I guess it’s a nice color


Superthumb Superthumb aesthetic blue
I don’t really like this color.


crayon quotes flowers aesthetic
it starts with L and is super prettyy!


Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
no worries just the prettiest green ever!


Superthumb Superthumb
It’s just a dirty white color to me it’s ok but I don’t love it.

THAT CONCLUDES IT!!🎉🎉 Hope you like my article and will read many more! I am trying my best and before this article was published I made another and it reached the Article a Channel page for the first time so thank you so much for that.♥️♥️ I love youu! Follow me here on WHI⬇️