Hello and thank you for reading this article. This article is not gonna be like one of my normal ones this one was requested by someone and they wanted my opinion on this particular subject and its about love. Love to me is honestly just the feeling of being able to just sit down face to face with someone and trying to kill any and everything that challenges the two people. Because if there is not a fight within a relationship something is wrong. Its just.. you have to have fights to become a “normal” relationship nothing will ever end up being easy you have to seriously go out and get your hands dirty to make it last. Im pretty much being a hypocrite right now because I don't do this myself I will bottle up my feelings till something big happens then ill blow up on everyone and then go back to those people later to see how much damage I have really done to them and I’m sorry If you are one of those people but I hope you never are. This website is the only place where I place my feelings and truly show people what I’m like this is me breaking my comfort zone and I love that people are accepting me for what I am but I know some people who are just gonna blow this off and not think twice about it but I wanna leave you with something.. If your favorite person just got up and left would you cry? Would you fight to keep them there? Or would you just walk? Me being me I would use all my physical strength to keep that person by my side and when I fail ill just cry and not talk to anyone. I don’t know what I would do without my brain keeping me happy truly happy even though it makes me sad sometimes it always picks me up in the littlest ways and nothing will make me give that up for anything.