Hello Beauty Hearters. Today I'm starting my goals series! I was tagged by Alana to do this article. Go and check her awesome article!

Well, here my goals

WHI Goals

  • Have more followers, maybe reach 1k followers and more♡
  • Post more frequently
  • Become a Recognized Writer
  • Do more collaborations and join more tags or things like that
  • Become a heartist
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School Goals

  • Get 100% grades
  • Improve in Maths
  • Join more recreative activities
  • Be more organized
  • Improve my handwriting
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Social Media Goals

  • Become a Youtuber (I really like this but I don't think I would do it soon)
  • Become a influences (Same, not soon)

Health Goals

  • Begin working out
  • Eat well and healthier
  • Drink more water
  • Walk more
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Self Help and Mental Health Goals

  • Overcome self value problems
  • Overcome personal problems
  • Be more positive
  • Love myself
  • Be more secure
  • Stop procrastination
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''Economic goals''

  • Make Money
  • Start selling services of design (photoshop, photograph)
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Reading Goals

  • Finish school books
  • Finish all the books I haven't
  • Buy more physical books
  • Read more often the bible
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Relationship Goals

  • Make more good friends
  • Make more WHI friends
  • Become closer to some persons
  • Find someone maybe haha
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Spiritual Goals

  • Read my bible more often
  • Go to church more often
  • Pray more often
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Other goals

  • Be more extroverted or social
  • Go out more often
  • Improve with photoshop
  • Deepening in the world of photography
  • Travel
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Nany Jireh
Nany Jireh

So, That’s all.Thank you so much for reading. Hope you all beauty hearters like it. I hope you heart and share this to spread inspiration and take a look in my profile❤️ More articles soon🌻