ok so if you are interested in me haha here you find my passions, likes, how to find me outside of WHI, and many other stuff.


I love to sing and music in general. Soooo, if you have any song suggestion please send it to me. Btw if you are interested in this I have a youtube channel with my best friend so just search: bae & bae and it probably should appear in the channel section orrrr you can find the link in my profile

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Yep, I am volleyball player, I am a middle hitter and this sport has definitely winned my heart.

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Photography / Modeling:
I like to be behind the lense as much as in front. This is something pretty new, but I still love it. If you want you can go check my intagram @imdaniperez

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Dancing / Acting:
So if you dont know yet I am Latino so I was raised dancing. However, acting appeared later on. Both of them allow me to express myself and get out of my comfort zone so I love them.

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Yes guys I have my calmed side. Reading is definitely what I try to do as often as possible. I love books like Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, The Selection and maaaaany others

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ok soo story time: when I was young I loved yellow (it was my favorite color) then I hated yellow and my favorite color was and currently is turquoise buuuut now I am starting to love yellow again so idek anymore.

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If you read my last article you will probably know that I LOVE SHAWN MENDES. (you can find it on my profile), I listen to a bunch of bands and solo artist in different languages so if I tried and list them all it would probably take more than a while. however, my main genre is pop. (if you are interested on my playlist let me know so I can do an article or give a link to my spotify)

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I love to mix and match clothes. Still, most of my outfits are high waisted whatever (usually black pants) and crop tops.

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I am pretty basic in this part ya know. Stranger Things, Teen Wolf, PLL, 13RW, and on and on and on. However, if you speak spanish or want to give some of these shows a try (I am not sure if you can see them in English) that would be amazing.

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1. Las Chicas del Cable 2. Tiempos de Guerra 3. Velvet 4.El Barco

I am not really sure how to do this but I will just put thing I like haha

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Instagram is definetly the one that I use the most, in twitter you will find dumb shit that I post when I am bored in class, in youtube you will find new cover every wednesday haha you can find me everywhere as @imdaniperez

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Ok guys that was it for this one. If you have any suggestion just lemme know. Your support in any of my passions will my very appreciated.

Sending a lot of love and good vibes.