Life is suffering.
I don't say this by the fact that we are all destined to die one day, but by the fact that we all have to live.

Life is hard. Life can be really cruel sometimes. But if you are going through a bad day, a bad week or a bad life, please do not take this as a sign that you are doing it wrong. Just think that the hard time will one day pass, because just like the seasons nothing lasts forever, it's only a matter of time. The leaves will fall, the cold will go away and along with it perhaps your suffering will also end.

I've been suffering with depression and anxiety for years so I use to think that my life has no meaning, but recently I realized that there are things that make me feel alive. It has given meaning to my days.

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Things that help me through a hard time: 1. my favorite band in the world because it's songs talk about the difficults that young people find when they're becoming adults; 2. my pets because they are like family to me; 3. traveling to new places because I feel like I'm spreading my wings to freedom; 4. writing. I love to write. By the way, I think writing is the best therapy.

You can do the same. My point is: live your life your way. Like, if you enjoy spending your days chilling at home and watching to TV shows, do it. If you like to go out and enjoy some parties, do it. If you like spending your days shopping, do it. Do anything that makes you feel alive. Life has no manual.

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If you are going through a dark season, please, remember this! Don't give up on life. I know that the hardest part of life is to live, but if you're feeling in a bad mood, if the days are cloudy and you don't see a light don't think that's the end. Just think that the sun is hidden behind the cloud and that one hour it will shine.

Your life matter.